cannings-bio-picMable Louise (Harris) Cannings distinguished herself as a force throughout her illustrious thirty (30+) year career. Her first professional job while in college was as a volunteer coordinator for the Job Corps of America which landed her the coveted recognition as the “Outstanding Volunteer of the Year” which resulted in a VIP tour of the White House and ceremonies with the Secretary of Labor presenting the award. The event spun national media stories about Cannings and her success as a single mother in helping other economically disadvantaged persons to re-establish their lives while managing her own.

In 1976, Cannings competed for and won an Urban Fellowship for Women in Public Administration through the Department of Housing and Urban Development which afforded her the opportunity to attend graduate school. In spite of having two children in tow, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Arlington. Immediately, after graduation, Cannings was appointed the founding director of the City of Fort Worth Action Center where she was responsible for the development and promotion of the agency.

In 1975, Mable Harris met John Cannings and they married in 1978. In late 1979, they relocated to Nacogdoches, Texas, for educational purposes and raised two additional children there. While working as a Program Director for the Deep East Texas Council of Governments Private Sector Initiatives Program, Cannings re-connected with her roots and her destiny. Cannings father, Charlie L. Harris had been a tireless entrepreneur for over twenty-five years and had instilled in her a deep sense of independence. With this inspiration, an entrepreneur was born.

Cannings twenty-five year entrepreneurial journey begin in 1983 as an independent grant writer, public relations consultant, event planner, and business consultant. Eleven of those years (1995-2006) were spent in the travel and tour industry where she operated a retail travel agency and charter bus service. Cannings was a stand out again, one of only a few black women-owned Texas transportation companies. She says that her most gratifying work has been as a trailblazer and advocate for women. In 1990, she pioneered the Conference for the Empowerment of Women at the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas. She personally financed these events for three consecutive years. Cannings also published a spin-off publication, DFW Empowerment Magazine to inspire and motivate small business owners. Moreover, Cannings has successfully operated her own business for over twenty-five years and continues today to empower women and entrepreneurs through Christian books, journals and publications, motivational speaking, business ventures, seminars and boot camps.

The City of Nacogdoches Women’s Commission on Families inducted her into the Hall of Fame for Women for Business Professionalism in 2004.

Cannings debuted her first non-fiction best-selling book, The Heart and Soul of Business: One Woman’s Journey, in 2008. It can be found online and at many local bookstores. She recently formed her own publishing company and is currently releasing her Empowerment Series of Inspirational Journals that include: Mining Your P’s and Q’s Success Journal: 101 Thoughts to Help You Succeed Every Day; GAB #Goals #Action #Brag College Journal; Aha Moments! Teen Journal; and Empowered Woman: Power Thoughts to Fuel Your Journey; look for them at Amazon and other online book sites, in local bookstores and gift shops this Holiday Season!

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